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Greatest Sports Legends


Allison, Bobby: The Legend of Bobby Allison, with host Steve Garvey

Andretti, Mario: The Legend of Mario Andretti, with host Tom Seaver

Petty, Richard: The Legend of Richard Petty, with host George Plimpton

Rutherford, Johnny: The Legend of Johnny Rutherford, with host Reggie Jackson

Stewart, Jackie: The Legend of Jackie Stewart, with host George Plimpton

Ward, Rodger: The Legend of Rodger Ward, with host Paul Hornung



Aaron, Hank: The Legend of Hank Aaron, with host Reggie Jackson

Banks, Ernie: The Legend of Ernie Banks, with host Reggie Jackson

Brock, Lou: The Legend of Lou Brock, with host George Plimpton

Campanella, Roy: The Legend of Roy Campanella, with host Paul Hornung

Carlton, Steve: The Legend of Steve Carlton, with host Reggie Jackson (DVD)

Durocher, Leo: The Legend of Leo Durocher, with host Paul Hornung

Drysdale, Don: The Legend of Don Drysdale, with host Steve Garvey

Feller, Bob: The Legend of Bob Feller, with host Tom Seaver

Ford, Whitey: The Legend of Whitey Ford, with host Paul Hornung

Gehrig, Lou: The Legend of Lou Gehrig, with host Dave Winfield

Gibson, Bob: The Legend of Bob Gibson, with host Brooks Robinson

Jackson, Reggie: The Legend of Reggie Jackson, with host Curt Gowdy

Killebrew, Harmon: The Legend of Harmon Killebrew, with host Reggie Jackson

Koufax, Sandy: The Legend of Sandy Koufax, no host but commentary by Don Drysdale

Mantle, Mickey: The Legend of Mickey Mantle, with host

Marichal, Juan: The Legend of Juan Marichal, with host Jayne Kennedy

Maris, Roger: The Legend of Roger Maris, no host

McCovey, Willie: The Legend of Willie McCovey, with host Brooks Robinson

Morgan, Joe: The Legend of Joe Morgan, with host Jayne Kennedy

Musial, Stan: The Legend of Stan Musial, with host Paul Hornung

Palmer, Jim: The Legend of Jim Palmer, with host Steve Garvey

Robinson, Brooks: The Legend of Brooks Robinson, with host George Plimpton

Robinson, Frank: The Legend of Frank Robinson, with host Tom Seaver

Robinson, Jackie: The Legend of Jackie Robinson, with host Ken Howard

Schmidt, Mike: The Legend of Mike Schmidt, with host Reggie Jackson

Snider, Duke: The Legend of Duke Snider, with host George Plimpton

Spahn, Warren: The Legend of Warren Spahn, with unknown guest

Stengel, Casey: The Legend of Casey Stengel, with host Reggie Jackson

Uecker, Bob: The Legend of Bob Uecker, with host Jayne Kennedy

Weaver, Earl: The Legend of Earl Weaver, with host Brooks Robinson

Wills, Maury: The Legend of Maury Wills, with host Reggie Jackson



Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem: The Legend of Kareem Adbul-Jabbar, with host Jayne Kennedy

Auerbach, Red: The Legend of Red Auerbach, with host Paul Hornung (1 DVD, includes SportsCentury)

Barry, Rick: The Legend of Rick Barry, with host George Plimpton

Baylor, Elgin: The Legend of Elgin Baylor, with host Paul Hornung

Chamberlain, Wilt: The Legend of Wilt Chamberlain, with host Tom Seaver

Cousy, Bob: The Legend of Bob Cousy, with host Paul Hornung

Cunningham, Billy: The Legend of Billy Cunningham, with host Steve Garvey

DeBusschere, Dave: The Legend of Dave DeBusschere, unknown host

Frazier, Walt: The Legend of Walt Frazier, with host Brooks Robinson

Gervin, George: The Legend of George Gervin, with unknown host

Havlicek, John: The Legend of John Havlicek, with host Reggie Jackson

Hayes, Elvin: The Legend of Elvin Hayes, with host Michael Jordan

Jones, Sam: The Legend of Sam Jones, with host Jayne Kennedy

Lemon, Meadowlark: The Legend of Meadowlark Lemon, with host Jayne Kennedy

Murphy, Calvin: The Legend of Calvin Murphy, with host Reggie Jackson

Pettit, Bob: The Legend of Bob Pettit, with host Paul Hornung

Reed: Willis: The Legend of Willis Reed, with host George Plimpton

Robertson, Oscar: The Legend of Oscar Robertson, with host Paul Hornung

Russell, Bill: The Legend of Bill Russell, with host Jayne Kennedy

Thurmond, Nate: The Legend of Nate Thurmond, with host Michael Jordan

Walton, Bill: The Legend of Bill Walton, with host Jayne Kennedy



Carter, Don: The Legend of Don Carter, with host

Weber, Dick: The Legend of Dick Weber, with host Reggie Jackson



Frazier, Joe: The Legend of Joe Frazier, with host Reggie Jackson

Hearns, Thomas: The Legend of Thomas Hearns, with host Reggie Jackson



Rockne, Knute: The Legend of Knute Rockne, with host Reggie Jackson



Adderly, Herb: The Legend of Herb Adderly, with host Jayne Kennedy

Alworth, Lance: The Legend of Lance Alworth, with host George Plimpton

Biletnikoff, Fred: The Legend of Fred Biletnikoff, with host Reggie Jackson

Bradshaw, Terry: The Legend of Terry Bradshaw, with host Willie Stargell

Brown, Jim: The Legend of Jim Brown, with host Reggie Jackson

Csonka, Larry: The Legend of Larry Csonka, with host Dave Winfield

Gifford, Frank: The Legend of Frank Gifford, with host Paul Hornung

Gillman, Sid: The Legend of Sid Gillman, with host Jayne Kennedy

Graham, Otto: The Legend of Otto Graham, with host Paul Hornung

Greene, Joe: The Legend of Joe Greene, with host Dave Winfield

Harris, Franco: The Legend of Franco Harris, with host Reggie Jackson

Hornung, Paul: The Legend of Paul Hornung, with host Howard Cosell

Layne, Bobby: The Legend of Bobby Layne, with host Paul Hornung

Lilly, Bob: The Legend of Bob Lilly, with host Reggie Jackson

Lombardi, Vince: The Legend of Vince Lombardi, with host Michael Jordan

Matson, Ollie: The Legend of Ollie Matson, with host Paul Hornung

Maynard, Don: The Legend of Don Maynard, with host Michael Jordan

McElhenny, Hugh: The Legend of Hugh McElhenny, with host Paul Hornung

Motley, Marion: The Legend of Marion Motley, with host Paul Hornung

Page, Alan: The Legend of Alan Page, with host Reggie Jackson

Payton, Walter: The Legend of Walter Payton, with host Jayne Kennedy

Pearson, Drew: The Legend of Drew Pearson, with host Dave Winfield

Perry, Joe: The Legend of Joe Perry, with host Paul Hornung

Sayers, Gale: The Legend of Gale Sayers, with host Paul Hornung

Starr, Bart: The Legend of Bart Starr, with host

Staubach, Roger: The Legend of Roger Staubach, with host

Taylor, Jim: The Legend of Jim Taylor, with host Paul Hornung

Unitas, Johnny: The Legend of Johnny Unitas, with host Jayne Kennedy

Walker, Doak: The Legend of Doak Walker, with host Paul Hornung

Warfield, Paul: The Legend of Paul Warfield, with host Reggie Jackson



Demeret, Jimmy: The Legend of Jimmy Demeret, with host Paul Hornung

Nelson, Byron: The Legend of Byron Nelson, with host George Plimpton

Palmer, Arnold: The Legend of Arnold Palmer, with host Tom Seaver

Sarazan, Gene: The Legend of Gene Sarazan, with host Reggie Jackson



Clarke, Bobby: The Legend of Bobby Clarke, with host Jayne Kennedy

Esposito, Phil: The Legend of Phil Esposito, with host George Plimpton

Howe, Gordie: The Legend of Gordie Howe, with host Tom Seaver

Potvin, Denis: The Legend of Denis Potvin, with host Mike Bossy

Trottier, Bryan: The Legend of Bryan Trottier, with host Reggie Jackson



Arcaro, Eddie: The Legend of Eddie Arcaro, with host Paul Hornung

Pincay, Jr., Laffit: The Legend of Laffit Pincay, Jr., with host Steve Garvey

Secretariat: The Legend of Secretariat, with host Paul Hornung



Ashford, Evelyn: The Legend of Evelyn Ashford, with host Wilma Rudolph

Comaneci, Nadia: The Legend of Nadia Comeneci, with host Mary Lou Retton

Griffith-Joyner, Florence: The Legend of Florence Griffith-Joyner, w/host Reggie Jackson

Jenner, Bruce: The Legend of Bruce Jenner, with host Bob Mathias

Johnson, Rafer: The Legend of Rafer Johnson, with host Reggie Jackson

Korbut, Olga: The Legend of Olga Korbut, with host Reggie Jackson

Lewis, Carl: The Legend of Carl Lewis, with host Drew Pearson

Oerter, Al: The Legend of Al Oerter, with host Steve Garvey

Owens, Jesse: The Legend of Jesse Owens, with host Paul Hornung

Seagren, Bob: The Legend of Bob Seagren, with host Tom Seaver

Spitz, Mark: The Legend of Mark Spitz, with host Tom Seaver

Wottle, Dave: The Legend of Dave Wottle, with host Reggie Jackson



Mahre, Phil: The Legend of Phil Mahre, with host Reggie Jackson



Ashe, Arthur: The Legend of Arthur Ashe, with host Jayne Kennedy

Borg, Bjorn: The Legend of Bjorn Borg, with unknown host

Budge, Don: The Legend of Don Budge, with host Paul Hornung

Connors, Jimmy: The Legend of Jimmy Connors, with host Jayne Kennedy

Evert, Chris: The Legend of Chris Evert, with host Tony Trabert

King, Billie Jean: The Legend of Billie Jean King, with host George Plimpton

Kramer, Jack: The Legend of Jack Kramer, with host Paul Hornung

Laver, Rod: The Legend of Rod Laver, with host Tom Seaver

McEnroe, John: The Legend of John McEnroe, with host Tony Trabert

Nastase, Ilie: The Legend of Ilie Nastase, with unknown host

Riggs, Bobby: The Legend of Bobby Riggs, with host Reggie Jackson

Rosewall, Ken: The Legend of Ken Rosewall, with host Jayne Kennedy

Trabert, Tony: The Legend of Tony Trabert, with host Reggie Jackson



Cosell, Howard: The Legend of Howard Cosell, with host Ken Howard

Pele: The Legend of Pele, with host George Plimpton

Salazar, Alberto: The Legend of Alberto Salazar, with host Steve Garvey

Sammartino, Bruno: The Legend of Bruno Sammartino, with host Tom Seaver


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