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  • Andretti, Mario: One of auto racing’s all-time greatest drivers (44 min.)
  • Earnhardt, Dale: Winston Cup champion who was killed in the Daytona 500 (44 min.)
  • Flock, Tim: Pioneer stock car driver (44 min.)
  • Foyt, A.J.: Successful driver who later became a car owner (44 min.)
  • Mears, Rick: Four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 (44 min.)
  • Petty, Richard: The legendary stock car champion known as The King (44 min.)
  • Unser, Al: Back-to-back winner of the Indy 500 (44 min.)
  • Vukovich, Bill: Won back-to-back Indy 500s and was killed in the next Indy 500 (44 min.)


  • Aaron, Hank: All-time home run king with 755 (44 min.)
  • Anderson, Sparky: Only manager to win a World Series from both leagues (44 min.)
  • Belle, Albert: Slugger who led Cleveland Indians to the 1997 World Series (22 min.)
  • Berg, Moe: Catcher known for serving as a spy for the U.S.A. in World War II (44 min.)
  • Campanella, Roy: Brooklyn Dodgers catcher whose career was cut short in car accident (22 min.)
  • Carlton, Steve: Lefty who struck out more than 4,000 batters (22 min.) (DVD)
  • Clemens, Roger: Only pitcher in history to strike out 20 batters in a game twice (22 min.)
  • DiMaggio, Joe: Hall-of-Famer who had a record 56-game hitting streak (44 min.)
  • Feller, Bob: Star pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in the 1940s (44 min.)
  • Fidrych, Mark: Colorful pitcher for the Detroit Tigers whose career was cut short by injury (44 min.)
  • Finley, Charlie: Controversial owners of the Oakland Athletics (22 min.)
  • Fisk, Carlton: Catcher who hit famous home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series (44 min.)
  • Flood, Curt: Outfielder who tested the anti-trust rule in baseball (44 min.)
  • Gehrig, Lou: New York Yankees first baseman who played in 2,130 consecutive games (44 min.)
  • Gibson, Bob: Two-time World Series MVP and Hall of Fame pitcher for the Cardinals (44 min.)
  • Greenberg, Hank: Star first baseman for the Tigers who was Jewish (44 min.)
  • Jackson, Bo: Two-way star who played baseball and football (44 min.)
  • Jackson, Reggie: Mr. October, who hit three home runs in one World Series game (44 min.)
  • Koufax, Sandy: Hard-throwing left-hander who starred for the Los Angeles Dodgers (44 min.)
  • Larsen, Don: Only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the World Series (44 min.)
  • Mantle, Mickey: All-time great switch-hitting center fielder for the Yankees (44 min.)
  • Maris, Roger: New York Yankees outfielder who hit 61 home runs in 1961 (44 min.)
  • Martin, Billy: Second baseman and manager of the New York Yankees (1 hour, 28 min.)
  • Mauch, Gene: Considered best manager never to get to the World Series (44 min.)
  • Mays, Willie: The Say Hey Kid who hit more than 600 home runs (44 min.)
  • Mazeroski, Bill: Great defensive 2B who hit home run to win 1960 World Series (44 min.)
  • McLain, Denny: Pitcher who won 31 games for the 1968 Detroit Tigers (44 min.)
  • Musial, Stan: St. Louis Cardinals outfielder who totaled more than 3,600 hits (44 min.)
  • Piersall, Jimmy: Boston Red Sox outfielder who had mental problems (44 min.)
  • Robinson, Jackie: First black player to play in the major leagues (44 min.)
  • Rose, Pete: The all-time leader in career hits (44 min.)
  • Ruth, Babe: One of the greatest home-run hitters of all-time (44 min.)
  • Steinbrenner, George: Owner of the New York Yankees (22 min.)
  • Stengel, Casey: Manager of New York Yankees when they won five straight titles (44 min.)
  • Strawberry, Darryl: Former slugger who could not overcome drug abuse (44 min.)
  • Veeck, Bill: Eccentric owner who once signed a midget as a promotional gimmick (44 min.)
  • Yastrzemski, Carl: Boston Red Sox outfielder who won the A.L. Triple Crown in 1967 (44 min.)


  • 1997 NBA Finals, Game 5: Michael Jordan stars despite playing with the flu (22 min.)
  • Auerbach, Red: Coach of the Boston Celtics dynasty in the 1960s (44 min.) (1 DVD, includes Greatest Sports Legends)
  • Bird, Larry: Magic Johnson’s rival who led the Boston Celtics in the 1980s (44 min) (1 DVD, includes Vintage NBA featuring Larry Bird, also 44 min.)
  • Bryant, Kobe: Los Angeles Lakers star who came to the NBA straight from high school (44 min.)
  • Chamberlain, Wilt: The Big Dipper (44 min.)
  • Francis, Bevo: Small-college star who scored 100 points against Hillsdale (44 min.)
  • Garnett, Kevin: Minnesota Timberwolves star who did not play in college (44 min.)
  • Hawkins, Connie: Hall-of-Famer who played for the Phoenix Suns (44 min.)
  • Iverson, Allen: High-scoring guard with a bad-boy image for the Philadelphia 76ers (22 min.)
  • Knight, Bobby: Coach of three national championship teams at Indiana (22 min.)
  • Lucas, Jerry: Former Ohio State great who starred with the Warriors (44 min.) (DVD)
  • Maravich, Pete: Flashy player with the New Orleans Jazz and Atlanta Hawks (44 min.)
  • Robertson, Oscar: Only player to average a triple-double in one season (22 min.)
  • Russell, Bill: Defensive-minded center for the Boston Celtics dynasty (44 min.)
  • Stokes, Maurice: Star player for the Rochester/Cincinnati Royals who died early (4 min.)
  • Thomas, Isiah: Point guard who led the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back titles (44 min.)
  • Walton, Bill: Center who led the Portland TrailBlazers to the 1977 NBA title (44 min.)
  • Walton, Luke: Son of former All-American Bill Walton who starred at Arizona (22 min.)
  • West, Jerry: Former all-NBA guard for the Los Angeles Lakers (44 min.)
  • Williams, Jayson: Strong rebounder for the New Jersey Nets accused of murder (22 min.)


  • Ali, Muhammad: Former heavyweight champion (1 hour, 28 min.)
  • DeLaHoya, Oscar: Former middleweight champion (44 min.)
  • Dempsey, Jack: Former heavyweight champion (44 min.)
  • Frazier, Joe: Former heavyweight champion (44 min.)
  • Graziano, Rocky: Former welterweight and middleweight champion (44 min.)
  • Liston, Sonny: Former heavyweight champion (44 min.)
  • Louis, Joe: Former heavyweight champion (44 min.)
  • Marciano, Rocky: Former heavyweight champion who retired undefeated (44 min.)
  • Moore, Archie: Longtime fighter and a hall of famer (44 min.)
  • Tyson, Mike: Former heavyweight champion (44 min.)


  • Bryant, Paul “Bear”: Legendary Alabama coach (44 min.)
  • Davis, Ernie: Syracuse running back who won the Heisman Trophy and died (44 min.)
  • Dorsey, Ken: University of Miami quarterback (22 min.)
  • Hayes, Woody: Ohio State coach (22 min.)
  • Wilkinson, Bud: Oklahoma coach in the 1950s (44 min.)


  • Bears’ 46 defense: The 1985 defense, one of the all-time best in the NFL (22 min.)
  • Bednarik, Chuck: All-time Philadelphia Eagles great who was the last two play both ways (44 min.)
  • Bradshaw, Terry: Quarterback who won four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers (44 min.)
  • Brown, Jim: Browns running back considered greatest player in the history of the NFL (22 min.)
  • Butkus, Dick: Chicago Bears linebacker who intimidated opponents (44 min.)
  • Elway, John: Quarterback who led the Denver Broncos to back-to-back titles (44 min.)
  • Favre, Brett: Three-time MVP as quarterback of the Green Bay Packers (22 min.)
  • Gastineau, Mark: Sack specialist for the New York Jets (22 min.)
  • Grange, Red: Hall-of-Fame running back of the Chicago Bears (44 min.)
  • Hornung, Paul: Star running back for the Green Bay Packers in their glory years (44 min.)
  • Jerry’s Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s under owner Jerry Jones (22 min.)
  • Jackson, Bo: Two-way star who played baseball and football (44 min.)
  • Landry, Tom: First and longtime coach of the Dallas Cowboys (22 min.)
  • Lewis, Ray: Linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens (44 min.)
  • Marino, Dan: Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins (44 min.)
  • McMahon, Jim: Controversial QB who took the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl (44 min.)
  • Namath, Joe: Colorful quarterback to lead the New York Jets to the Super Bowl (44 min.)
  • Parcells, Bill: Coach of the New York Giants, New York Jets and New England Patriots (22 min.)
  • Piccolo, Brian: Running back for the Chicago Bears who died at age 26 of cancer (44 min.)
  • Plunkett, Jim: Quarterback who led the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl (44 min.)
  • Rozelle, Pete: Commissioner of the NFL who helped get the rich TV contract (44 min.)
  • Sanders, Barry: Slashing runner with more than 15,000 yards for the Detroit Lions (22 min.)
  • Sanders, Deion: Cornerback with the Atlanta Falcons, S.F. 49ers and Dallas Cowboys (44 min.)
  • Simpson, O.J.: Running back who topped 2,000 yards and later was accused of murder (44 min.)
  • Smith, Emmitt: Dallas Cowboys tailback who is the all-time rusher in the NFL (22 min.)
  • Taylor, Lawrence: Linebacker for the New York Giants (44 min.)
  • Unitas, Johnny: Quarterback for the Baltimore Colts (44 min.)


  • 1977 British Open: A duel between Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson (22 min.)
  • Jones, Bobby: Winner of the Grand Slam and founder of the Masters tournament (44 min.)
  • Lopez, Nancy: One of top all-time female players who ruled game in 1970s and 1980s (22 min.)
  • Nicklaus, Jack: Winner of more major championships than any other golfer (44 min.)
  • Palmer, Arnold: Player who helped popularize the sport in the 1960s (44 min.)
  • Player, Gary: One of golf’s big three of the 1960s (44 min.)
  • Snead, Sam: Slammin’ Sammy (44 min.)
  • Trevino, Lee: Colorful player who won several Grand Slam titles (44 min.)


  • Craig, Jim: Goalie on the 1980 U.S.A. team that won Olympic gold (22 min.)
  • Gretzky, Wayne: All-time leading goal-scorer in NHL history (1 hour, 28 min.)
  • Howe, Gordie: Mr. Hockey - the greatest player in Detroit Red Wings history (44 min.)
  • Hull, Bobby: Chicago Blackhawks great who was the first to score 50 goals in 50 games (22 min.)
  • Lemieux, Mario: All-time great scorer for the Pittsburgh Penguins (22 min.)
  • Lindros, Eric: Great amateur player who became an NHL All-Star (22 min.)
  • Orr, Bobby: Boston Bruins defenseman (44 min.)
  • Plante, Jacques: Hall-of-fame goalie from the Montreal Canadiens (44 min.)
  • Richard, Maurice: Great goal-scorer for the Montreal Canadiens (44 min.)


  • Affirmed & Alydar: Horses who finished 1-2 in all three of the 1978 Triple Crown races (44 min.)
  • Citation: Winner of the 1948 Triple Crown (44 min.)
  • Seattle Slew: Winner of the 1977 Triple Crown (44 min.)
  • Secretariat: The horse nicknamed Big Red that won the 1973 Triple Crown (44 min.)


  • Blair, Bonnie: The greatest female speed skater in American history (44 min.)
  • Craig, Jim: Goalie for the 1980 U.S. team that won gold medal (44 min.)
  • Didrikson Zaharias, Babe: Gold-medal winner and top pro golfer (44 min.)
  • Fleming, Peggy: Winner of the gold medal in figure skating in 1968 (44 min.)
  • Gable, Dan: America’s best-known wrestler who won a gold medal in 1972 (44 min.)
  • Hamill, Dorothy: Winner of the gold medal in figure skating in 1972 (22 min.)
  • Jansen, Dan: Speedskater who rebounded to win gold after falling (22 min.)
  • Jenner, Bruce: Won gold medal in the decathlon in 1976 (22 min.)
  • Joyner-Kersee, Jackie: One of greatest female American athletes in history (44 min.)
  • Lougainis, Greg: Greatest diver in American history, who was gay (44 min.)
  • Rudolph, Wilma: Possibly the greatest American female sprinter in history (44 min.)
  • Thorpe, Jim: Gold-medal winner who also played baseball and football (44 min.)
  • U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R.: The 1972 controversial basketball game (44 min.)


  • Agassi, Andre: Colorful player who became the No. 1-ranked player in the world (44 min.)
  • Ashe, Arthur: U.S. Open champion who died of AIDS (44 min.)
  • Capriati, Jennifer: Player who lost it all to drugs but came back to win (44 min.)
  • Connors, Jimmy: Top-ranked player in the world for 159 consecutive weeks (44 min.)
  • Evert, Chris: One of top female players of all time who ruled on clay (22 min.)
  • Graf, Steffi: Winner of 22 Grand Slam titles, one of best female players ever (44 min.)
  • King, Billie Jean: Player with many grand slams; beat Bobby Riggs (44 min.)
  • McEnroe, John: Bad boy of tennis (44 min.)
  • Navratilova, Martina: One of top women’s players in history (44 min.)
  • Roddick, Andy: Top-ranked American player who won the 2003 U.S. Open (44 min.)
  • Tilden, Bill: Former great player who had a troubled life outside of tennis (22 min.)
  • Williams, Serena and Venus: Sisters who won Grand Slam titles (22 min.)


  • Armstrong, Lance: Winner of five consecutive Tour de France races (22 min.)
  • Dynasties: New York Yankees/ Boston Celtics/ UCLA basketball/ Notre Dame football/ Chicago Bulls/ San Francisco 49ers/ Dallas Cowboys/ Atlanta Braves/ Montreal Canadiens (1 hour, 6 min.)


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